Oopsie! Your Baby May Have Some Underlying Fears

Oopsie! Your Baby May Have Some Underlying Fears
11m to 1y
Cognitive Development

At this age, your baby is becoming more aware of his surrounding, and thus is also more sensitive. Fear is an emotion common to people universally. Your little one is also bound to feel the same at some point of time. Fear is universal, but the reason for it may not be always rational. Your notion of fear is way different from your baby's and dealing with it also needs sheer sensitivity and maturity. Here's what you can do when your little one is scared!

What you need to know

No matter how trivial the matter may be, your first reaction should always be of love, affection, care, kindness and support. Make your baby comfortable with lots of cuddles and hugs when he is scared of something. Keep your little one away from things that startle him. If there is a particular toy that your baby is scared of, keep it off limits. Also, ensure that others are aware of this.

Once your baby grows a little more, you can try and talk him out of it. This will also help him do away with the fears in general.

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