Papa, Mama! I Am On My Feet!

Papa, Mama! I Am On My Feet!
Muscle Strength

Milestone alert! Keep those cameras ready as your little one reaches the eighth month mark and surprises you by standing up at this point.

What you need to know

Do you sometimes catch yourself thinking that you have the busiest toddler? He is bound to be, with healthy food and a good night’s sleep, his muscles are developing rapidly and aiding independent movement. You will now notice him crawling, scooting, and moving all the time.

As an exercise, challenge him with large soft toys in his way as hurdles, he should be able to grasp and pull them aside easily. Around this time, he might even start holding his spoon or water bottle firmly. Now is the perfect time to teach him how to feed himself with spoons. His developing muscles aid not just grasping, but also throwing. He might fling his bottles, toys, and blankets off the crib. Take it all in stride and rejoice his growth.

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