'Pass It Around, Please!' Your Baby's Grip is Stronger Now

'Pass It Around, Please!' Your Baby's Grip is Stronger Now
Fine Motor
Eye-Hand movement

Your baby is now nearly nine months old and can hold objects in either hand without letting them fall. But he may not have figured out that a block or rattler held in one hand can be passed to another.

What you need to know

Choosing an appropriate toy for your baby is important. Bright blocks with soft rounded edges can be used to teach your baby fine motor skills. You could try passing a block slowly from one hand to another in front of your baby. Be patient. You may have to repeat a few times, your baby may not grasp how to master this fine skill in the first go.

If your baby needs more help and time, surround him with hand held toys. This will strengthen his grasping skills. Soon he will learn that different objects need to be held differently, so provide toys that come in all shapes and sizes. Keep practicing and don’t forget to smile!