Pass The Salt, Please - Your Baby Has Started Understanding You

Gear up! It’s a proud moment alert! Your baby at this stage has taken a massive step in understanding you, your commads, as well as what you exactly want. Your little pudding's brain is constantly growing and now his way of processing things around him is getting way better.

What you need to know 

This could be as simple as a passing a toy back to you or picking up the sipper. You will notice that it’s now easier to communicate with your baby. He is able to follow small commands such as "Open your mouth," "Give me the spoon," "Give me the sipper," or even perform simple actions such as "Put the toy here." 

Pass The Salt, Please - Your Baby Has Started Understanding You

Having realised that crying or loud shrieking can get attention, your baby is not going to be shy and will use them to get some attention. Your baby may become very noisy and demanding now. His actions are still going to be the best way to communicate but the comprehension is increasing day by day. Keep talking to your baby and keep explaining everything that you do.




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