Potty Problems- Your Baby May Show Signs of Constipation

Potty Problems- Your Baby May Show Signs of Constipation
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At this stage, your baby might not pass stool everyday. There are no hard and fixed rules regarding the frequency of bowel movements in children.It is absolutely normal if your baby doesn’t pass stools every day. Some babies tend to have fewer bowel movements in a week, while some pass stools after every feed. As long as your doctor says that your baby’s bowel movements are normal, don’t fret.

Constipation problems usually arise if they are on formula, medications or solid food.

Here are a few signs you should watch out for if you are suspecting constipation:

1. Passing dry, hard stools. 

2. Occurrence of blood in stools. 

3. Discomfort during bowel movement. 

4. Absence of bowel movement for more than 5 days. 

What you can do

When you notice that your baby is constipated, identify the food that they are taking. Cereals, rice or wheat can be a reason; use vegetable puree with cereals instead. Dehydration can also cause your baby’s intestine to prevent the expulsion of stools. Hydrate your little one with boiled, cooled water after every meal.

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