Quick Hacks for Baby Proofing

1. Never leave her unattended, even if she hasn’t begun crawling. There is always a risk of her rolling over and tumbling down her bed.

2. Never leave any object with rough edges around, she may end up injuring herself.

3. if she has started walking, guard the stair cases.

4. Never leave sockets open and unattended, seal them even before she begins walking.

5. Use door protectors to prevent her from jamming her fingers in the hinge.

Quick Hacks for Baby Proofing

6. Smoothen out rough edges of furniture.

7. Do not leave hot beverages unattended, there is always a risk of spillage.

8. Keep matches and lighters away from her.

9. Keep medicines in a place that isn’t easily reachable.

10. Don’t curse yourself due to occasional lapses in judgment, every parent is unique too.




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