Baby Sleep Schedule: Quick Tips To Help Your Premature Baby Sleep Well

Baby Sleep Schedule: Quick Tips To Help Your Premature Baby Sleep Well
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Your premature baby won’t sleep through the night like a full term baby but thankfully some tips can help your premature baby sleep well. Before that though, you need to know that a full term baby will achieve this by 4 to 5 months; whereas your preterm baby will take 6-8 months or even more to get into a proper healthy sleep pattern. So what can you do?

Remember these pointers to help your premature baby have a good sleep schedule: 

These are not just effective, but will also give you a good insight into understanding your baby's sleep patterns and schedules so that you can make the little one sleep peacefully whenever required.

1] Your baby will need more sleep:

As your baby’s brain is not fully developed like a full term baby, he tends to sleep more but for a shorter period of time. He may be awake for shorter periods and go to sleep again. To see him fully awake for a longer time, it will take at least 2 months after his original due date.

2] Your baby will need more feeding sessions in the night:

As your baby is premature he will require more nourishment in the form of your feed throughout the night. He will wake up more, so feed him every 2–3 hours. Don’t wait for long hours between feeds as that may cause dehydration.

3] Your baby will be safe to sleep in your room:

As a premature baby, it will be better for him to be in the same room as yours, not in the same bed but in a different cot to avoid any risks. This will make it easier to feed at night and also be around to check for any needs or distress signals. Also, make sure that his bedding is firm and lay him down on his back. Also remove any unwanted things like toys, blankets.

Some general guidelines for your baby's sleep schedule:

1] Dress your baby in comfortable sleepwear

2] Provide a nice and calm atmosphere

3] Remove any distractions

There is no way of knowing when your baby will start sleeping throughout the night. Be patient, feed well and help him gain weight. Consult your doctor if you have any concern regarding your baby’s development.

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