Radical Physical Changes Are Happening To Your Baby Now

Radical Physical Changes Are Happening To Your Baby Now
5m to 8m
Physical Growth

Your little one is 5 months old now, and he has come a long way in terms of his physical appearance than what he was born with. His hair and skin tone must have changed a lot, and along with it, there are a plethora of other changes that your bundle of joy is currently undergoing, some of which may even confuse you. For instance, excessive body hair in your baby. But then there is nothing to worry about, as this is a part of his growth.

What you need to know

Understand the fact that most of what your child has in terms of physical appearance comes from the gene and the race he belongs to. There is nothing much you can do about it. If your baby has excess hair it must run in your family genes somewhere.

Just like the hair, skin tone is also something that is ruled by the genes. Because of the uneven blood circulation, after birth most of the kids look dark red or pinkish . However, it changes as your baby grows.

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