Ready For The First Pair Of Shoes

Ready For The First Pair Of Shoes

Your baby is now ready to take his first steps and be up and about. You couldn’t be happier and excited about this upcoming milestone. Cute little shoes in all colours, shapes, and sizes have been something that you probably have been itching to buy for a long time. Buying the right kind of shoes is a more serious job than just cute stuff shopping. 

What you need to know

When inside the house there is no need for your baby to wear any shoes. If the house is cool and you want to keep your baby protected, pull out some thick cotton socks or soft wool booties. If you plan to take your baby out, those soft, tender feet need a lot of protection. When choosing a pair of shoes, look for flat and soft materials – anything from rubber, cloth, or leather will do as long as it is airy, flexible, and soft. Make sure that there is enough space in the shoe to allow movement. Tight shoes will be uncomfortable. Make sure that the sole has ridges; this will keep your baby from slipping accidentally.

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