Ready, Steady, GO! Your Baby's Expertise in Movements

Ready, Steady, GO! Your Baby's Expertise in Movements
Muscle Strength
Eye-Hand movement

Your baby is now ready and confident enough to move around without you. That is a BIG step forward. Literally.

What you need to know
No two babies start crawling at the same time or in the same way. Your baby may do an ‘army crawl’ on knees and elbows. Some babies will just rock in the crawl position for a while, as if thinking ‘Should I or should I not take the next step forward?’

Then they crawl on knees and hands. Other babies are known to just move on the floor using hands and feet, not knees, much like an octopus. Some others don’t crawl at all, they just pull themselves up and attempt to stand.

Your baby will master the art of crawling around in a few weeks and learn to be independent. It is best to allow your baby to be on the floor. The floor is hard but babies need the space to be able to move around and be confident about the movement. Once your baby is mobile and discovers the power of being mobile your life is set to change once again. Your baby will be everywhere. Your Baby Columbus will be on discovery voyages to the dining room, kitchen, drawing room and even the bathrooms.

You need to watch your baby so that they don’t get into any danger and the floor is kept object free.

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