Reflexes, Crying - Your Baby's Growing Immensely

Reflexes, Crying - Your Baby's Growing Immensely
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Non-verbal cues

Your little one in 2nd week is continuing with his routine of sleeping, waking, and feeding. This week marks the onset of communication skills for your baby.

What you need to know

Crying is the earliest form of communication that your little one uses to express his hunger and discomfort. Don’t reach for your ear plugs just yet and listen to your little one cry, they all mean different things.Be it due to hunger, trapped gas, uneasiness, or even a dirty diaper or nappy, babies have a distinct cry for each situation. With time you will come to differ the hungry cry from the attention cry. All you need to do is identify the reason and fulfil his demands by responding immediately; feeding, burping, gently rocking, or changing the diaper.

If your baby cries incessantly for over three hours a day and shows similar patterns in the successive days, chances are that your little one is suffering from colic pain or trapped gas. Make sure you allow them to burp or rub their back gently when they cry. Blinking,sucking and grasping are some of the other reflexes your little one would have developed and be-all important this week. Develop familiarity with your child by talking face to face with your little one.