Say Hello To Some Baby Language From Your Little One!

Say Hello To Some Baby Language From Your Little One!
0 to 9m
Language & Communication

At this stage, you'll see your baby making different kinds of sounds to communicate with you. Around 1 month, your baby babbles more, raising and lowering the pitch of his voice. He experiments with more sounds. Around 1 year, he will play with sounds like “ba-ba”, “da-da”. He uses his verbal and non-verbal actions to express his needs. Even if he can’t speak clearly, he understands the general meaning of what you are saying. He also pays attention to your emotional tone. He will “baby talk” with you and expect the same from you. By smiling, paying attention, singing, talking, and reading to him, his babbles will become more speech-like.

What you need to do

When your baby babbles, look at him. Give him a lot of loving attention. Continue the conversation by imitating baby talk and talking, in a happy and affectionate tone. While feeding, dressing, bathing him, keep talking often to him. This way he associates sounds of language with everyday activities. Try to decode what his babble means.