Say Hello To Some Coos And Gurgles From The Little One!

Say Hello To Some Coos And Gurgles From The Little One!

Though mainly through crying, your baby communicates his needs in the first year, and at this stage, you can already come across some initial coos and gurgles from your little baby. At around 2 months of age, he will begin to vocalize and experiment with his tongue and voice. The sounds produced currently itself is called cooing. Also, he will not be able to swallow the saliva by himself. It starts drooling out of his mouth and part of saliva gets collected at the back of the throat. This causes a sound called gurgling. He will talk to you with many sounds practicing movements of lips, tongue and palates needed to form proper speech.

What you need to know

When your baby is cooing and gurgling, pay attention. Repeat the sounds with a smile. He will be happy to see your response. Also, talk to him often as he loves to hear your voice. A two- way communication gives the message to your baby that he is important and can trust you. As a parent, you are laying the foundation for developing speaking skills in your child and filled with happiness seeing and hearing his cute “baby talk”.

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