Sucking Skills of Your Kid- Is She Ready for Some Independent Eating?

At this stage your little one has mastered the art of sucking. Make use of this skill and offer her a glucose biscuit and watch as she moistens it, softens it, and swallows it quite safely. She might make a mess, but this rudimentary behavior is important for development of later motor skills.

Your little is now ready for some independent eating! You might be scared that she might choke, and quite rightly so.

Sucking Skills of Your Kid- Is She Ready for Some Independent Eating?

What you need to know

She is likely to repeat the same for anything you offer, hence limit her food options to ones with low choking hazards, such as bread, pasta, or idly. As she develops further, experimenting with soft boiled cauliflower, pumpkins, and potatoes is a great idea! Add egg or paneer to enhance the nutritional value of her meal. Soft boiled apples and pear are a good dessert to try. 

So go on, wear your chef’s cap and pamper your baby!

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