Swaddling- Your Little One Enjoys The Warm Wrap

Swaddling- Your Little One Enjoys The Warm Wrap
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Your little one has just made an entrance and is getting to experience a whole new world. All these days he was nestled within your womb comfortably and protected within your warm cushion.

Experts believe that it may be beneficial if your little one continues to get the same warmth and comfort. Swaddling is the perfect answer, as it cosily wraps your newborn in a blanket and helps him tackle the sudden change in temperature. 

What you need to know

Your infant may take some time to adapt to his new surroundings, thus, swaddling can aid in calming your baby and help him stay unperturbed. It also protects him from the sudden jerky movements and reflexes that his body makes. Swaddling your baby is an art and should be done with utmost care. When swaddling your baby, make sure that there is enough room inside the blanket especially under your little one’s legs. Your baby should have adequate space to move around their legs when swaddled.

Learn the correct way of swaddling from the hospital experts. Wrapping your baby tightly and stretching their legs deliberately to be straight can harm their joints and can cause hip dysplasia.