The Beginning of Your Baby's Taste Development - Sweet Or Savoury?

Your little one’s taste buds start developing at a very early age, even before he starts on solid food! You may have a tough time coaxing your little one to eat! Just like other kids out there, your kiddo may prefer savoury or sweet.

What you need to know

His taste buds develop in the ninth week of gestation and he is pretty familiar with the taste of amniotic fluid. He is also quite aware of how breast milk tastes; which is usually quite sweet and well flavoured and is able to distinguish it from formula milk.

The Beginning of Your Baby's Taste Development - Sweet Or Savoury?

This familiarity with breast milk is one of the reasons why he may prefer sweet over savoury; mashed fruits are an excellent way to introduce your little one to solid foods. It is only by three months after birth that he begins to recognize other tastes as this is the time period where he begins mouthing all objects in sight.

It is a good idea to introduce your baby to various tastes and get him habituated to them to avoid fussy eating in the future. Avoid sugar in his diet, used mashed carrots, potatoes, or pumpkins instead.

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