The Changing Tendencies Of Your Newborn To Respond To Sounds

The Changing Tendencies Of Your Newborn To Respond To Sounds

At this stage, your newborn responds to known sounds like his parents or elders in the house when they are talking. However, if he hears loud or unexpected noise he will get startled. It will be around 2 months when he will be quiet when he hears a known voice. Around 4 months, he will try to find the source of the sound . By 6 months, he will try to imitate the sounds that he hears from people around him and his environment. By 8 months, he will babble more and more and baby talk. By 1 year, he will respond to his own name.

What you need to know

Hearing plays a crucial role in developing speech and language skills for your bundle of joy. Hence expose him to a variety of sounds. Let him explore music, listen to nursery rhymes, read to him and talk to him doing daily activities like getting him dressed, preparing his food etc. The more he listens to sounds and words, he is getting ready to talk. To safeguard his hearing, keep things out of his ears, including cotton swabs and try best to avoid ear infections by keeping him healthy. Also keep him away from loud noises.

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