The New Member In Your Little World!

The New Member In Your Little World!
new born
Non-verbal cues

After all the pre-partum excitement and the months of care and solicitude, your baby is now out in the world! And like every novice, they need a little help and care before they get ready to face the world.

Rely on your instincts - Your newborn baby is completely reliant on you and the little one knows no other means of communication except crying to express his discomfort. If this is your first born, you will experience a surge of love beyond measure.

Everything about the newborn caretaking process will seem alien and strange; do not worry, your instincts know you better than your brain does and motherhood will seem almost as natural as breathing with time.

The real job starts - Baby care doesn’t stop with the delivery; your real job starts after your angel’s birth. The long gruelling hours in labour must have left you completely drained.

But do not fret. Just take a deep breath and relax. We are here to help you with loads of useful tips and suggestions, together with in-depth information of all the processes that your baby will go through during his growth period.

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