Transition Object Will Give Your Baby A Sense Of Security

Transition Object Will Give Your Baby A Sense Of Security
6m to 9m
Cognitive Development

At this age you will find that your child will increasingly get attached to a particular object. That object could be a stuffed toy, a blanket, a book or any other toy. These ordinary objects manage to assume a place of great importance and attachement in your child's life. This special comfort object will actually help your child make the transition from a dependent individual to an independent one.

What you need to know
Contrary to what many parents may feel, children attached to a transition object are not showing any sign of weakness. In fact they are trying to become independent and use the transition object to overcome the anxiety they feel in the absence of their parents. As a parent you need not try to take away the transition object and should actually help your child choose one. It will be a lot easier if you have two identical transition objects in case one gets dirty and needs to be washed or gets misplaced. With time all children get over and give up the transition object to gravitate towards other things.