Tummy Time - It's Time For Your Baby To Roll

Tummy Time - It's Time For Your Baby To Roll
Muscle Strength
Eye-Hand movement

Watching your baby roll on to one side and staying on his belly is what you will see at this stage, and the sight is fascinating for every parent. It marks the onset of a huge developmental phase for your kiddo. He is going to be more agile in the following months by crawling and walking. Make sure you make the best of this stage by engaging as much as you can with your little one.

One of the most important activities to initiate at this stage is encouraging your little one’s tummy time.

What you need to know

Your little one will roll by himself on his tummy, or you can help him roll and make him stay on his tummy for a few seconds. This helps strengthen his neck muscles, which aids the development of future motor skills. 

If you notice your little one fussing or crying, don’t fret as he is still new to this. Make sure that he is comfortable and bring him back on his back if his fussing is excessive. Choose a time when you know your little one is in a good mood to initiate this activity again.

Tummy time should always happen on a hard surface and not on your baby’s bed as it does not support his neck muscles appropriately; a play mat or a hard quilt would be ideal. Place a lots of toys around him so that he is happy, comfortable, and entertained.