Umm, Your Child Right Now Is Prone To Bruise And Bumps

Umm, Your Child Right Now Is Prone To Bruise And Bumps
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Your tiny winy joy loves action a lot, and thus, rolls frequently. Your baby may roll off when changing a diaper, fall when reaching out for a toy, or bump into a piece of furniture when sitting up. Babies are even known to hit themselves in the head with hard toys and rattlers. 

Your baby will of course cry and kick a fuss as the fall was unexpected and unpleasant. Let’s admit it, watching over an active and a not-so-steady infant is not an easy task. Accidents sometimes are just waiting around the corner.

What you need to know 

Examine your baby thoroughly to see what happened. Your baby is bound to cry and will be unable to point to the site of injury. It will be a stressful situation but don’t panic and keep calm. Take a couple of deep breaths and gather your thoughts. Don’t let guilt or panic cloud your judgment. 

The head is the most common site of bumps and bruises. When such an injury happens, calm your baby down and apply an ice pack on the affected area. Keep the ice pack on for 10 minutes or so. Make it a point to apply it only in intervals of 5-10 seconds. Watch out for symptoms such as vomiting, deformity of the skull, drowsiness, and unnatural behaviour. If your baby displays such symptoms, consult the doctor immediately.