Your Baby Wants To Stand All The Time

Your Baby Wants To Stand All The Time
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At this age, your baby wants to stand as he is now discovering that there are changes and more things to be done and seen when standing up. Delightful indeed!

Your baby wants to stand, not sit: What you need to know 

However, you may soon discover that your baby wants to stand at 6 months. You tuck your baby up and you will see your baby use the sides of the crib to stand up. You put your baby to sit and play, and guess what - your baby is not interested. He wants to stand up. Your baby just wants to stand all the time! 

Don’t worry! Your baby is exploring and discovering new things. A good place to stand your baby up is near the window. Make sure that the window is safely locked! If you have window grills your baby can safely latch on to them. Place a couple of cushions or pillows around as your baby’s legs may just give way and your baby could fall. 

You may notice that your baby wants to stand in his crib and not sleep too. Another favourite place could be the bedside. Place a few toys on the bed so that your baby can play when standing.