When do Babies Start Teething

When do Babies Start Teething
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''When do babies start teething?'' Well, that's a question most new parents have in common! Your baby's teething will begin shortly. He will have pearly white teeth peeping out from his gums. Well, get ready for ticklish finger bites from them!

When do babies start teething: What you need to know

Your baby's teething problems may start between 4-8 months. Your little one’s first tooth is most likely to protrude out of their lower central gums. After a few months, teeth may develop on the other side too. If you see gaps between your baby’s teeth, don’t worry. 

His teeth will become aligned once all the teeth have grown out, which is most likely to happen when they reach their three-year milestone. Moreover, these are your baby’s milk teeth, so all of them will fall out when they are older.

Baby teething symptoms

Your baby's teething symptoms will include drooling, crying, irritability, and refusal to eat. Your baby will also gnaw on whatever they can find. This is because, growth of new teeth results in slow rupture of the gums, which can cause extreme discomfort. In order to counter this pressure, your baby will bite things. Give your baby a clean cloth or rubber rings to bite. Of course, don’t forget to keep these objects clean as germs may accumulate on them.

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