When Can I Give Cow's Milk to My Baby?

''When can I give cow's milk to my baby?'' is a question quite common among new parents.

Babies below 1-year-old are recommended only breast milk or formula feed as it is difficult for them to digest cow’s milk. Though you must say that cow’s milk is rich in a high concentration of proteins and minerals, this is good for growing children, not the ones who haven’t yet completed a year in this planet.

When Can I Give Cow's Milk to My Baby?

Why no cow's milk before your baby turns 1-year-old?

Your little baby’s immature kidney will have difficulty in digesting cow milk. Cow milk is not the right drink for babies as it does not contain the exact amount of vitamins, irons and other nutrients that are essential for the little chaps. Babies tend to suffer from iron deficiency, anemia for the protein content in cow milk causes irritation in the digestive system lining or lead to some kind of milk allergy. This may lead to bloody stools.

Formula feed is the best supplement

The formula milk is rich in iron and vitamins that are required for infants and it is the best alternative to breastfeeding for kids below 12 months. If really there is some milk allergy that is persisting in your baby, immediately consult pediatrician.

Risk of lactose intolerance

Lactose is the form of sugar found in cow milk which is digested by the enzyme called lactase. Lactase formed in the baby body can digest only breast milk and formula feeding. The lactose in cow milk remains in the intestine of the baby. Here begins the lactose intolerance by producing excess hydrogen gas and lactic acid by the bacteria present in the gut. This can lead to red nappy rashes, abdominal pain, diarrhea and bloating of tummy, bloodstained stool. The irritation caused in the digestive system lining may lead to blood-stained stool due to allergy.

Prone to infections in babies

Cow milk may lead to ear infection, difficulty in breathing, eczema, hives, rashes and vomiting. Still, if you seek to make your baby have cow milk, consult your paediatrician before you start. Even after one year, if you see that your baby is developing any kind of irritation or allergies, please take the right steps and give the proper supplements of milk. Milk is always a good dairy product for all age people who can digest it well as it contains the best nutrition that is essential for children and adults.

When to start cow's milk for your baby?

Of course, once your little ward is ready to digest cow milk, it is really very good as dairy milk is the best supplement for the right balanced diet that is contained in solid foods in cereals, vegetables, meats and fruits.

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