When Can My Baby Sleep With A Pillow?

''When can my baby sleep with a pillow?'' is a common question asked by a majority of new moms, and there are chances, the question might have crossed your mind too! Your baby should be introduced to pillows when she turns 2 as if you give her pillow to rest head before that, there might be a risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) that could happen because of breathlessness and choking in case your baby places that pillow on her nose.When Can My Baby Sleep With A Pillow?

Once your baby is ready to sleep on a pillow, go for a small and flat pillow. Avoid using furry and feathery pillows as they are major causes of allergy in babies. Check that whether your baby is comfortable lying down on a pillow or not; if she starts crying then immediately remove it.

Choosing the Right Pillow for your baby

There are certain tips that will help you in deciding how to choose right pillow for the baby.

Choose a small and flat pillow

Always go for a pillow that is not too soft or too hard for your little angel. Always be around your baby when she is sleeping or near the pillow. If she’s playing and not sleeping then remove the pillow and place it far away from your baby. This helps in preventing accidents and your baby will be away from any kind of danger. Always take care that the pillow remains clean and place it in sunlight every day for few minutes.

Stay away from furry pillows

Avoid using feathery and furry pillows as they might hurt your baby and cause allergic reactions too. They might sink the little one’s head into the pillow and this might lead to suffocation and choking.

Choosing the right pillow

Check the pillow thoroughly before buying by pressing it and then see how soon it regains the shape. If it does not move at all then it is too soft to buy. If it takes too long to regain the shape then it might be hard for your baby. Buy a shape that is non-allergic and filled with polyester fibre as it is good for support of your baby’s head.

Soft pillow cover

Your baby’s skin is very gentle and it might develop irritation or rash immediately. Buy pillow with soft cotton covers that are gentle on your baby’s skin and easy to wash. Keep the cover clean and free from bacteria by washing it regularly.

Shake and fluff pillow every day

Shake and fluff your baby’s pillow every day to ward off dust and bacteria from it. Also, place it in sun for some time every day an let fresh air pass through its pores. It will be moisture free and it will be free of any unpleasant smell as well. Wash it off with your hands and dry it out completely in the sun.

Lightweight pillow

Go for a lightweight pillow and those heavy ones that are hard to lift. Never place the pillows near your baby when he is awake to prevent choking. When your baby sleeps then place the lightweight pillow under is head.

These tips will definitely help you to choose the best pillow for your baby with full firm support where he will also feel comfortable while sleeping. For more important tips related to your child’s development & parenting, check out the Parentlane App today!

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries




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