Whoa! Kiddo is Now Progressing From Sounds to Speech

Whoa! Kiddo is Now Progressing From Sounds to Speech
Verbal language

At 40 weeks your baby is smarter than you think. Until now, the trend of sound making has been more or less lacking n meaning, but now your baby is trying to connect words with emotions. She might start to address a parent as ‘papa’ or ‘mama’ specifically.

She also understands that she has a name that people address her with. She might start to respond more promptly if you call out her name. Your baby will now point at or even bring to you the things she likes.

What you need to know

Now is also a good time to take steps to develop your baby’s vocal skills. Talk to your baby using a lot of vowel sounds. For example, if your baby does something new, compliment her by using phrases like, “Smart baaaaby” or “Gooood boooy”. This form of speech is called parentese. Don’t be surprised if your baby imitates you!

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