Whoa! Your Baby Has "NO" As Her Favourite Word

Whoa! Your Baby Has "NO" As Her Favourite Word
Non-verbal cues

Your little one is still a little bundle of joy, but whoa, her vocabulary is fast growing and the easiest word she catches up to is "NO!" This is one of the most popular words in your baby’s vocabulary right now and as she grows, she will become more rebellious and assertive. She will now express her anger by shouting rather than crying. And when she's frustrated at any question you pose, her answer will be “no."

What you need to know

Instead of asking your child a question to which there can be yes or no answer, ask her questions with options. For example, instead of asking “Do you want an apple?” ask “Do you want an apple or a cookie?” Your toddler might still shake her head, but bring her both and let her pick. This way she can’t say no.

Let your baby choose what she wants to do up to a point. But if she is being very difficult at times, talk to her and tell her that mama knows best. If she is angry or irritated, be calm and engage in a conversation with her. This will help your child understand that problems can be solved by talking rather than crying or shouting. Be cautious about what you say and do around your baby!