Your Baby Gets Distracted Now!

Your Baby Gets Distracted Now!
4m to 7m

At 4 months, your baby is smart, agile and inquisitive, and that makes feeding tad difficult. Now, your baby gets distracted! He is slowly beginning to understand and enjoy the world around him. 

And, every time you will be feeding him, a noise, your door bell, a song, a dog's bark or anything and everything around him will serve as a distraction, which is again a good sign of development as this means he responds to his surrounding well and his sensory skills are improving too.

Your baby gets distracted easily: What you need to know

At this stage you need to outsmart your smarty pants. Your baby is growing, and his awareness is also growing and his inquisitiveness is palpable. This makes your job as a parent little bit more difficult, especially while feeding since your baby gets distracted while nursing. 

Make sure that the surrounding is quiet and not disturbing when you are feeding your baby. Also, give one of this favorite toys in his hand so that he is busy playing and not distracted. Your baby gets distracted while bottle feeding as well. As a parent you have to be careful while you do so as distracted babies tend to choke the most.