Whoa! Your Baby Imitates Your Speech Now

Whoa! Your Baby Imitates Your Speech Now

Your little one is able to comprehend a few words and simple phrases and this all because of your constant chatter with him! Generally, babies imitate parents before they imitate anyone else. Talking is one of the simplest ways to connect and bond with your baby and your little one must be ready to imitate you.

Your baby imitates you: What you need to know

Encourage your small wonder with the constant chatter and one sided conversations. Keep talking to him, not just with words, with actions too! If you run out of things to talk about, just give a running commentary on what you are doing or what you plan to do next. You will notice your baby imitates sounds. 

The content of the conversation isn’t important, but the association that he builds with the words is. Encourage him to repeat key words that you want him to pick up at the earliest, like mama or dada. Don’t worry if it’s different from what you say, reward him for the effort anyway! Eventually, your baby will start imitating facial expressions. 

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