Whoopie! Your Child Crawls Efficiently!

Whoopie! Your Child Crawls Efficiently!
Eye-Hand movement

Are you ready to watch your little champ crawl? Your little one must have begun to get on all fours and bring the roof down! Yes, he may experience some pain in the process due to injuries, but don’t hold him back.

What you can do

If the two of you are strolling down the park, leave the pram at home this once. Make yourself comfortable in a quite nook and lay your little one on a blanket and prompt him to crawl to you. As his movements gain momentum, he would want to explore his surroundings. Invest in baby proofing and keep him away from toxins and sharp edges. Scan the surrounding before you let him down.

Mop and sweep the floor daily using a good disinfectant, he is still at the stage where he wants to chew on everything around.