With Improved Motor Skills, Your Baby Wants To do things Independently

With Improved Motor Skills, Your Baby Wants To do things Independently

Have you ever noticed how delighted your little one is when she drops a spoon, picks it up only to drop it again? She can spend hours doing that and stare in awe at her ability to grip the spoon with her fingers. Your child is getting control over her finger movements and now loves to practice it all the time.

What you need to know
Most 10 month old babies have improved motor skills and better hand eye coordination. They love to hold things in their own hands and try to do simple acts like feeding themselves with the spoon or holding a cup to their lips. Their grip and movement is still clumsy. They are still not sure of their abilities and are exploring. It is a good idea to let them gain the sense of independence while at the same time be close enough to retrieve the things as and when required.




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