With Response To Food Stimulus, Your Child Will Now Open And Close Mouth

By this time around, feeding your little one becomes a little bit easier. You will find that your baby who used to drift off to sleep during feeding will be more active and taking in feed more easily.
What you need to know
A new born who was not opening his mouth fully for feed, will start taking proper feed by this time. You will see when you offer him food he will open his mouth and close for the feed. As his motor skills are improving he will be able to latch on and suck properly during the feed. It is possible that many a times your baby may refuse feed and not open his mouth. You can look out for signs, that he is hungry, like he will open and close his mouth, make sucking noises and turn his head towards you. Give lots of skin contact so that he can initiate feeding for himself. If he still doesn’t latch on then try expressing some milk for your baby to taste and that may encourage him to open his mouth. Don’t get upset if your baby is not taking milk. Give extra attention and cuddle him more. Be patient and if needed feel free to seek help.




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