Woo-Hoo! Your Baby's Muscles Are Now Strengthening

Your baby is now very comfortable on the tummy. Soon your baby will get the into the groove with being in the flying position with both arms and legs in the air while still being on the tummy. Much like a bow. Tummy time literally gets babies off their backs. It provides a break for back of their heads, and gives babies a chance to strengthen their neck muscles to prepare them for crawling. It also helps them to get ready to push up, roll over, sit up, and eventually stand. You can always help your little one strengthen his muscles and make this transition fruitful. Woo-Hoo! Your Baby's Muscles Are Now Strengthening

What you can do

Add to your baby’s surroundings toys in attractive colors such that your baby tries to reach out and grasp the same. This will keep your baby active and agile. Help your baby by massaging your baby with whatever is the oil of your choice. Your baby is likely to enjoy this very much. It is a good idea to massage your baby twice a day.

A longer massage during the morning and a shorter one during the afternoon/evening will work very well with your baby’s routine. Your baby will have much stronger muscles that will help him in his motor skills.

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