Wow! Your Baby's Limbs Are Strengthening Already!

Your little bundle of joy is now three months old, and she is getting strong day by day. Her limbs are steady and her movements are much more convincing and coordinated than before.

What you need to know

Wow! Your Baby's Limbs Are Strengthening Already!

This is an amazing sign that your little bundle of joy is able to bear weight on his limbs. Hold him by arm and try to make him stand, you will see he will be pushing himself up. This typically means that he is able to bear weight on his limbs.

A very important sign, weight bearing means that your baby's muscles are growing stronger.

You will also find a lot of agility and coordinated movement of hands and limbs. He will be more expressive with his actions, in more ways than one. To sustain this positive growth, ensure that he is active and is fed well.




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