Yes! Your Baby Will Attempt Speaking To You!

Don't be surprised. In the initial months your baby communicates mostly through crying to meet his needs. There are other wonderful ways to communicate with you. At this point, he totally wants to attempt to speak to you but it will be only around 2 months of age, he discovers he has a voice and his cooing and gurgling starts. As you listen and respond to his simple sounds and murmurs, he will babble more with eye contact. Yes! Your Baby Will Attempt Speaking To You!

What you need to know

Your baby observes how you talk. How your mouth stretches out around words. The more you talk with him, the easier it becomes for him to respond back with many sounds. Singing songs, talking about day to day activities like, “Its time for bath” or reading to him all helps him to respond back. As he babbles, listen without interrupting and then respond. Leave a gap when it’s his turn to talk again. This way you are teaching him how the conversation should flow. Try for a two way communication in cute little ways. Above all enjoy the special bonding and time together.




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