Yes! Your Li'l Baby Already Likes Exploring Her Hands & Legs

Around 1 month, your little one has discovered her hands. It takes a while for her to realize that her hands are part of herself. Around 3 to 6 months, she likes looking at her hands and feet. She will play with her hands constantly. She will try to explore her hands using her mouth and eyes. When excited, she will move her hands and legs. When you put her on her belly, she will push her hands to look around and will wave her arms and legs about. She will try to put her feet in the mouth, will reach out for her toes and play with her hands together. She will use her hands to grasp toys. Yes! Your Li'l Baby Already Likes Exploring Her Hands & Legs

What you need to know

As she uses her hands to explore the world around her, her hand-eye coordination improves. This is crucial as it lays the foundation for other milestones like crawling, rolling , walking and more.

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