You Are Likely To Witness Your Baby's Neck Movements

You Are Likely To Witness Your Baby's Neck Movements
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At this stage, you will surely get to notice that as your baby progresses towards his initial weeks of existence, as your baby moves his head back and forward, his level of muscle coordination improves. These are indeed positives signs if your baby is showing active neck movement from time to time. His neck movement would be later channelized as reciprocation to sounds, voices or objects.

Your baby's neck movements: What you need to know

As a parent, you can help your little one practice his neck movements so that his motor skills are polished with age. At this stage, your baby's neck movements are limited. You can follow a simple practice of calling out the baby’s name from a particular spot. See if the baby responds or not. The moment he looks in the same direction, shift yourself to a new location. At this early age, babies do not possess full control of their body movements; these are involuntarty neck movements of your baby, try using a head rest when your baby develops quick neck movements.

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