You Can Now Hear 'Ma' and 'Pa' From Your Baby!

You Can Now Hear 'Ma' and 'Pa' From Your Baby!
Verbal language

From starting your baby begins communicating with cries but eventually turns to babbling by memorising and repeating words that she hears around her. Babbling gives an insight into the cognitive development of your baby. Often, the first babbles to escape from her mouth are ‘p’, ‘m’ and ‘b’ as these are done by pressing the lips together. Congratulations, her babbles are all se to make more progress now and you may hear syllables like ''Ma'' ''Pa!''

What you need to do

You can help develop your baby’s speech by engaging in conversations and speaking with her. Give a pause after saying something so that she can process your words and take her time to make a response. Try using different tones and pitches to catch her attention as well.