You Will See More Of Crawling On Belly Sessions From Your Child

You Will See More Of Crawling On Belly Sessions From Your Child

At this time you can see your tiny cupcake is motile now. You will be happy to see his funny belly movements. He will be so energetic and swift in his movements that he doesn’t like to be in your lap every time, your child is 7 months by now and he’s progressing more beautifully each day.
What you need to know
At this point, you will notice that your baby wants to grab his favourite toys and ultimately he will put it in his mouth. Gradually you honey will try to crawl on his belly with both his hands occupied with toys. Your cutie pie will love to do circular turns on his belly and see things around.
At this time he can control the object using both hands, also he will try to explore the object by grabbing, shaking and banging them. You will completely adore his lovely playful motions now. Only thing you need to keep in mind now is that you have to keep aside some of your things from the floor that can harm him and which can come in his way of playing. Keep a eye on his every movement.

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