Your Babe May Need To Hear 'No' From You These Days

Your Babe May Need To Hear 'No' From You These Days
Verbal language

At this age, your baby is beginning to learn the word ‘No.’ Your baby may not understand the meaning of ‘No’ at once. Use this two lettered word only when you really mean it. It is not uncommon to see older babies say ‘No’ loudly to themselves and do what they have been asked not to do.

Your baby is innocent and cute but you need to teach your baby what is acceptable and what is not. Use the word ‘No’ to teach your baby that it is dangerous to crawl to the edge of the bed. Keep your facial expression serious so that your baby can make out the difference between happy and not happy. 

What you need to know 

One of the unpleasant tasks that parents have to do is discipline their children. But wait, what is meant by disciplining a baby? A 7 month old? But how? The baby doesn’t understand what you say and can’t speak either.

Discipline can start from a very young age. Another way to discipline your baby is by disengaging them from whatever they are doing, which is not acceptable to you. So if your baby pulls your hair or reaches for Da-da’s glasses, disengage them by removing the hand, saying ‘No’ and placing a soft toy in the hand.

Finally, get used to using this two lettered word. It is likely that you will spend most of their growing up years saying ‘No.’