Your Baby Can Already Inspect His Surroundings

Your Baby Can Already Inspect His Surroundings
3m to 6m
Your baby will be sensitive to bright light right after his birth. In the initial weeks, your baby will be interested in looking at black and white pictures and simple face shapes. By the end of two months, your baby will begin to follow a moving object or person.
What you need to know
You must keep abreast with your baby’s developmental milestones. After completion of two months, your baby becomes more active and responsive than his days as a totally dependent newborn. He starts to study faces and recognize people who are familiar to him like his parents. So, it may be a warning sign if your baby doesn’t seem to follow moving things or look at familiar faces with interest. However, always remember that babies develop differently some faster than others. But always seek doctor’s opinion when in doubt on your baby’s development.