Your Baby Can Already Show Some Active Interest

Your Baby Can Already Show Some Active Interest
0 to 3m
Your baby will increasingly show interest in his surroundings. Your baby is now capable of giving reactions that are not merely reflexive but purposeful and directed by environment.
What you need to know 
Your baby will respond to your playful gestures with gurgles and facial gestures. However, at this age he will have a short attention span lasting for about a minute. This is because the baby is interested in new stimuli. 
What you can do
Try giving him a new toy. He will be totally focused on it for a minute and then the focus just goes away. You can change the viewpoint of the toy or change the light to give it a different look. Your baby will once again look at it with wonder but only till the stimulus is new. Your baby will rely on different stimuli to foster learning. Make sure you keep exposing him to different stimuli.