Your Baby Can Be Fussy Due To More Public Appearances Now

Your little one’s public appearances are more frequent now, whether it’s a trip to the super market or the playground. It is indeed a blessing to have him around as he amuses you with his antics. Yet, there are days where you catch yourself wondering “What was I thinking?” as your little one is fussy, clingy, and all over you!!

What you can do

1. Prepare yourself; pack his favourite toy, food, and some juice in a sipper.

Your Baby Can Be Fussy Due To More Public Appearances Now

2. Dress him comfortably.

3. Provide some toys or rattles that he is particularly fond of.

4. Offer him something to drink or chew on as he shows first signs of being fussy.

5. Rock him side by side and entertain him. Happy babies rarely fuss!

Often, fussing is all about attention seeking; shower him with some generously and enjoy a hitch free trip!

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