Your Baby Clenches Some Objects Now

Your Baby Clenches Some Objects Now
1m to 4m
Fine Motor

At this stage, your child develops the innate reflexes of grasping things and usually your baby clenches her fist. She opens and closes her hands voluntarily and tries to grasp soft things like rubber toys or soft toys. Her grasping develops with age when they grow upto 3 months and further. Your baby will move hands together and keep them apart as well. By 3 months of age she will start sucking the thumb and open her mouth to take things inside.

Your baby clenches hands together: What you need to know

As a parent, you should that your baby is developing the quality of grasping and while she grasp the things she won’t let it go easily. You will notice your baby clenches fists and shakes it, to express her excitement. Those moms and dads with long hair should better keep their hair tied or the parents will get some sweet painful moments as her grasp is really tight.

As your little one grows further to enter into the third month, you will notice that her hand-eye coordination will start developing. She will look towards the toys shown to her and she will also try to reach out for these toys in order to grasp them. You will see your baby clenching toys around her in no time. So give your baby more and more soft toys which she can easily hold and grasp as well to increase her grasping power.

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