Your Baby Can Initiate Communication Through Babbles

Your Baby Can Initiate Communication Through Babbles

By 3 months, some babies start babbling. For others, it may start a little later, at 4 months. Babbling is a sign that your baby’s vocalization skills have begun. You can say babbling is a sign that your baby will talk some months down the line.

What you need to know

Your baby is trying to talk to you through babbling. At this stage, your baby will be making vowel sounds and sometimes a combination of both vowel and consonant sounds. For example: 'a-aa, i-ii, a-ga, a-ba'. 

Talk to your baby frequently, help her develop expressive language skills where she learns to express herself and receptive language skills where she responds to what is spoken to her. Both types of language skills are needed to be developed. So, when your baby babbles with a ’da-da-da’, respond to her by saying something like ’Yes daddy will be home now’. Verbal interaction aids in speech development in babies.