Your Baby Can Now Cry With An Angry Tone

Your Baby Can Now Cry With An Angry Tone
Non-verbal cues

Your baby now communicates by crying when he needs to be fed, changed, when he is tired, sick or in some kind of pain. Crying is his first mode of expression. The ability to communicate through smiles, laughter and gurgles come later. By 3 months of age, your baby will be able to cry with an angry tone to express himself.

What you need to know

If your baby is crying with anger, make sure you are calm and that others around him are calm. According to researches, babies who are feeling distressed and crying respond well to calm and soothing voices around him. Try to respond to his needs promptly. However, if he still continues to cry, it means he is in some kind of physical pain. In that case, contact a health practitioner.