Your Baby Can Now Make Use of Sign Language For Initial Conversations

Your Baby Can Now Make Use of Sign Language For Initial Conversations
8m to 11m
Non-verbal cues

Your little one may be quite small, but she totally wishes to communicate with you! And it is never too early to learn how to communicate with your baby. Even though your baby may not be ready to start a few words and complete sentences just as yet, you can always have a conversations and strike a chord.

Help your baby communicate with you and experience the surroundings using sign language. While there are many schools that teach baby sign language you can craft your own and build the bridge.

What you need to know

Like other developmental goals even though your baby cannot sign back they can comprehend sign language as early as 5-6 months of age. It is quite amazing to see what your baby can communicate back. Communication helps your baby to understand you and your actions in a better way.

Research also indicates that using baby sign language improves development of cognition skills and fast tracks the motor and gross motor skills of your baby. Say goodbye to guess work and asking your baby, 'Is this too hot fro you?" or wondering if your baby is hungry.

By the time your baby is an year old you will have conversations that are easy to grasp and work with.

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