Your Baby can now Mimic Your Claps- Another Milestone Alert!

Your Baby can now Mimic Your Claps- Another Milestone Alert!
7m to 10m

Your baby's exploration skills are on a spree and now she is able to mimic your clap. You would be glad to know that this is another important milestone in your child's development.

While you would have thought that your baby clapping is a matter of mere fun, but in actual it is a huge milestone as your baby is able to mimic and recreate the action he is seeing around. Clapping hands by the age of 7-9 months thus stands indispensable milestone to look at. 

What you need to know

Your baby clapping hands is an indication that his brain and senses is working and developing fine. It also indicates that he is able to mimic you and convey his emotions at the same time. Encourage your baby to clap once she is around 6 plus. Stimulate her senses and make her feel excited by doing funny things around her. Seeing you clapping, she should slowly start getting her hands closer and start clapping.

However, if by the age of one, your baby is still not clapping or waving or imitating you, you need to inform your doctor and seek solution.

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