Your Baby Can Now Sit For Short Durations Without Support

Your little one is a big baby now! She may be able to sit with out any support, even though it might be for a very little time. Her spines are building up and bones are strengthening to keep her back erect. The head and the spine are in sync, which helps the baby to sit through. Your Baby Can Now Sit For Short Durations Without Support

What you need to know

Well, this is the time that you were probably waiting for. Your baby will now be able to sit for little longer than before and look straight into your eyes. She now can do it without support. Your baby's spine is erect and strong. However, to be on the safe side it is better to make the baby sit with support as she is still not completely at ease.

Never, force your baby to sit without support. Also, under any circumstances, never ever leave her unattended.




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