Your Baby Can Now Swallow Strained And Pureed Food

Your Baby Can Now Swallow Strained And Pureed Food
Eating Habit
At this stage your little one can be given strained and pureed food apart from her breast feed or formula feed. If it is breast feed she will get all the required nutrition directly from her mother. But in case of formula feed it may not be. To take care of her health and nutrition it is good to introduce strained and pureed food at this stage. Though your little princess will take more time to get used to strained pureed food, for her healthy growth it can be introduced as early as 6 months.
What you need to do
At this point babies may or may not really like the taste of the vegetables or fruits. It is not advisable to add sugar, salt or pepper at this stage. Any fruit or vegetable is introduced for the baby it should be only twice a day and it should be continued for one week only with that fruit or vegetable. Quantity should be of very small amount as baby as the very early stage of her infancy. Among fruits it is advisable to give only apple at this stage. Even this should be boiled,pureed and strained. Among vegetables you can give carrot, palak and tomato. Again these vegetables should be cleaned, boiled, pureed and strained.
Please remember all the babies may not actually start liking the taste of the fruit and vegetable at this stage. So if she refuses to eat need not worry as babies take their own time to improve their taste buds.